Here are the answers to frequently asked questions

How much can I earn from this business?

With all the business and practical training we provide you with, and as long as you follow our systems, most new franchisees will be earning between $1100 and $2500 per/week on average. That’s around $57K to $130K gross per/year and that will depend on how much effort you put into growing your business yourself. (Experienced franchisees can earn much more than this).

Do I get any help growing my business?

Yes, that’s what Jim’s is all about. We work with you every step of the way to ensure everything is working out for you. Anything you need to know or do there will be someone to help you. You are not alone when you take on a Jim’s Cleaning business. You have the local franchisor and franchisees to call on, and there is another 50 Franchisors and 750 franchisees across Australia that are willing to help.

What do I get for my money?

You will be investing in the most successful home service franchise in Australia with proven business systems that have been developed over the past 28 years. In brief we have 5 days business training in Melbourne, 5 days on the road practical training, a 3-month start-up program, all equipment, stationary, uniforms, vehicle signage, ongoing local support and a work guarantee of $1,100 per/week.

Is there enough work around to support my business?

There is so much work out there that you will only be able to do so much yourself. It is all about customer service. When you provide the best-ever customer service, do an outstanding job and over-deliver on your client’s expectations, you will find that you will become in demand, your business will grow and so will your income.

What sort of work can I do?

There are so many different areas of work, most franchisees will decide for themselves whether to work of a day or night. You can work weekends if you wish. There is work in domestic and the commercial areas and too many to list. Most people start out with Bond cleaning, then venture into regular domestic or house washing, pressure cleaning or windows, office cleaning, carpets, or commercial cleaning, Then you can upskill and take on flood and fire restoration and insurance work. The more you learn the more you can earn.

How much do I have to pay Jim for franchise fees? Does the head office take a percentage of what we earn?

No, franchise fees are fixed so you always know how much you need to pay, there are no hidden costs. Fees that you pay on a monthly basis goes towards employing the team at the call centre, the team in the I.T. department, the administration staff and includes your ongoing support from your franchisor. All these people are working for you, it’s like having all your own professional staff at hand. In your fees there is a small amount that goes towards national and regional advertising on your behalf. Lead fees are paid only when you request to take them. The lead fee is $12.85 per/lead and that doesn’t change weather you receive a lead for a job worth $80 or a job worth $50,000.

What if I have too much work, what do I do?

There are several options, you can employ staff or contractors to help, or you can get help from another franchisee or consider selling off some of your business to a new person. By selling off some of your business you can recoup most or all of your original investment price, still leaving you with your business to carry on trading. This option is available to all franchisees and is another way to grow and make extra money in your business. You can do this as many times as you like.

What is involved in becoming a franchisee? And how long does it take before I can start?

It can take around 4-6 weeks to set someone up with their business. Firstly, you must complete your Melbourne training which happens around once a month. Franchise agreements can only be signed when you have had them for a minimum of 14 days, in this time we can work on vehicle signage, personal emails, your web page, etc. sometimes quicker.

What if I am un-sure, but want to know more?

The only way you to find out whether this business is for you or not is to go out on the road with other franchisees, someone who is out there everyday doing it. We always invite you to come and try, come for a day or a week. You need to be happy about the business before you make any decisions. You can even go to Melbourne and do the Jim’s business training without obligation of buying a franchise.

What if I don’t have the money? How can I get finance to buy a franchise?

There are many ways to buy into a franchise. If you simply have the money well, then that’s great. Otherwise we have had family members help other family members out. If you own a home with equity a redraw is potentially a cost-effective option. Some people borrow from the bank, your equipment can be leased or rented which is totally tax deductable. If you need to borrow we suggest you apply for loans while you are still employed or working, if you’re not working at the time that you apply for a loan chances are you may not get one. Jim’s finance can help some people and, in some cases, we have offered vender finance on some businesses; every situation is different, ask your franchisor if they can help.

How long does a franchise agreement last?

Franchise agreements today have no end date, so you don’t have to renew them. As long as you are trading in your business with Jim’s and you are happy, the franchise agreement just simply continues.

Is there anyway I can climb the ladder with my franchise?

Yes, we have had many franchisees start with one business and they have bought the rights for other businesses to expand on what they are doing. Some franchisees have bought into franchisor rights, and some for multiple areas. Recently we had a franchisee who grew her business from franchisee, to franchisor in multiple regions, granting over 100 franchises, then selling the lot to buy into Jim’s Dog Wash nationally. Her business is currently worth Millions.

What if I want to the leave my Jim’s franchise?

Jim’s will always help you sell your business. In most cases franchisees have made plenty of money and they simply want a career change, sometimes they just requested to terminate the franchise agreement and exit and that’s ok to.

What do I do now?

If you are serious about bettering yourself and improving on your lifestyle and income, then you need to make the call and talk with the area franchisor. A simple phone call can’t hurt and you might find you would be pleasantly surprised.

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